Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Single ladies - South African style

This is a South African ad for Vodacom,one of our cell providers.

I personally think this is one of the best Single Ladies spoofs out there,because of that extra little South African flavor.

Hope you think this is just as cute as I do!

{I just LOVE the main guy's one-piece 'swimsuit' with cut-off jeans ensemble.Too excellent}


sexypoet said...

awww that guy totally copied justin timberlake.. except timberlake really committed.. he wore the leotard and heels.. so did joe jonas. lol i hope you watched those too!

ecotorium said...

i think this is hilarious! i dont know why, but guys trying to do the single ladies dance is too funny. :)

Awesome Sara said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL its so cheesy!!! lololololol!!!!!

Chatabox Girl said...

HAHA! this is awesome. I wish we had ad's like that in AU.

We have ads like this:

and then follow up ads like this! :

People here love beer!

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