Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SJP and twins

Like a lot of Sex and the City fans (that is one show I can watch over and over and over again,and then?Watch some more!),I'm a Sarah Jessica Parker fan,and have always thought she was stylish,sophisticated and just plain adorable.

So I was quite sad that gossip sites kept reporting that she and her husband,Ferris Bueller,sorry Matthew Broderick,have marital problems and that he's cheating and what have you.And when I heard they were expecting twins by a surrogate,I kind of cringed,because everyone knows that no amount of babies can glue back a broken relationship.

But this picture just looks so sweet to me!Matthew looks genuinely ecstatic to have these two little girls,and Sarah looks gorgeous as ever.

The only one who looks kinda pissed off,is James Wilkie,their son.He looks like he might go Chucky on the twins.Here's hoping that's just a bad picture of him.

PS.I'm really glad they cut his hair,because he was starting to look like some kind of homeless midget.


Anonymous said...

I agree kids can't mend a marriage but hopefully the rumours are wrong.

He is starting to look really old now though!!!!!

Cute babies!

sexypoet said...

i always thought he was gay so the rumors always sounded kinda right to me. except the one that he was cheating with a woman.. i love my sjp though and i'm also a huge sex fan.. no doubt your excited about the next movie, right? congrats to them on their new babies..

p.s. to bad for the babies with the names they got. yikes!

drollgirl said...

DUDE! i have heard the same and am VERY WORRIED! if he is a douchebag cheater, she needs to dump his ass. she deserves better. ugh. brutal.

Awesome Sara said...

int her husnabd like gay??? she had a suurogate bc her husband is scared of vagina!!!!

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