Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

- I hate my medical aid,because they won't let me change to a cheaper version,until freaking November,so this means I can't save a bit of money until then (the difference from the very expensive version I have now,would be enough,if saved up until December,so that I can buy a nice big fridge,and have some spending money left over).I hate medical aids.All of them.They suck.

- Tonight I'm making eggs on toast for dinner.Can you tell that I'm not in the mood to cook?(Also,there's absolutely no other food in the house than spaghetti and tomato sauce - so my options are limited,to say the least).

- I am usually very lazy to do any work,and today (and the rest of the week) has been no exception.I have paperwork all around me,and absolutely no desire to pick any of it up and finish it.I do,however,have a very guilty feeling that lies over me all the time,about my laziness to work.Still,it hasn't forced me into action yet.

- I have been reading 'Girls with Slingshots' all day (see above: Too Lazy To Do Actual Work).It is still just as awesome as yesterday,and I'm dreading the point where I get caught up on all the back 'issues' and have to wait for new ones.Absolutely dreading it.

- I wanted to know if people overseas (read:not in South Africa) also use Mxit?


Anonymous said...

I have been lazy at work because I had nothing to do and couldn't be bothered to find anything to do. Its a nightmare trying to get out those moods as nothing seems interesting!!

Namine said...

never heard of mxit

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