Monday, August 24, 2009

It's no surprise at all

My boyfriend has been obsessing over this song by Daughtry the whole weekend.Unfortunately,even though he really,really loves the song,he basically only remembers about 5 lines from the song,which is 'taking the easy way out'.So I've been basically ear raped with this one line the whole weekend.Fun times.

Also,when I went on Youtube to get the code for 'No Surprise',I happened upon this little accoustic gem - Daughtry doing Pokerface.Don't know about you,but I think it's awesome.Although it kind of creeps me out when guys sing songs that were originally sung by girls,and vice versa.Don't know why,it just does.But I'll make an exception for this.


Amorous Rocker said...

My friend read me an article recently because I never read anything on celebrities. Anyway, it was about Lady GaGa talking about the song Pokerface. How it's about her having sex with a man while thinking about a woman that she wants to be with and he never had a clue because he couldn't read the facade she was holding up.

I like Daughtry's voice though. I've never listened to him much before but he's not that bad. I love that first song.

I always think it's a little odd when guys cover a song done by a girl or vice versa but only if it's a love or heartbreak song that's specific.

Anonymous said...

Ear raped. Lol. Crack me up!

creative kerfuffle said...

i have to admit i never got on the daughtry train, although dude is from right HERE. seriously, he used to sell cars in the city beside mine and actually still lives here.

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