Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's a wonderful wednesday

...since it's been raining the whole freaking morning!I adore this type of weather,and so my mood is much better today.Although,I must say,some people at work are irritating the crap out of me,I'm trying to not let them get to me.I think I'm just way past due to get out of town a bit,and relax somewhere that's not here.

Don't get me wrong,I love our little apartment (although I hate the neighbours with a passion),but when you spend all your non-working time in a certain place,you will obviously get tired of that place.So I am looking forward to our one night out of town,which will hopefully be spent with my bestie,getting drunk and dancing our asses off while talking lots of crap,and basically just having loads of fun.


Awesome Sara said...

lol!! its raining like that here in florida!!! ive been wrapped up in my all white bed all morning! sadly my only company has been my cat keiko instead of my brzilian but come over and hop into bed with me! i promise ill make it worth ur while...

Namine said...

rainy days are the best. getting out of town is always a huge relief

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