Monday, November 9, 2009

the weekend...

...was not very good.I had trouble with our stupid neighbours (who,though they are all 3 over 50,act like bratty,whiny children) and for some reason my boyfriend and I just weren't on the same page yesterday.This doesn't happen all that often,luckily,but I don't handle bad moods and confrontations well,so whenever someone else (especially my love) is in a very bad mood,it automatically turns my mood sour as well.I hate that about myself.

So I spent nearly the entire day in bed,with Maya,reading a book.The weather was perfect for that,since it rained all day long.Which is not a typical thing to happen in November in my town,so I made the best of the weather and cuddled in bed.Would've loved to have cuddled with my man,but as you read above,that didn't happen.


BUT,I am hopeful this week will be better,since my sister,b-i-l,boyfriend and I are going to Cape Town on Saturday,to visit a friend for her b-day,and to celibrate my boyfriends' b-day (Nov.19) and my best friend's boyfriends' b-day (Nov.17).It's going to be a really big b-day celibration.LOL.Can't wait to see my bestie.It's already been 2 months since we've last seen each other,so I am beyond excited to see her again.There's no one else in this world who can make me as happy as she can,which is saying a lot.


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