Wednesday, January 21, 2009

101 Things About Me

Yes,another copy from other bloggers.But hey,if it's good enough for them,it ought to be good enough for me too right?So,enjoy (or at least don't laugh at some of the stupid stuff I'm going to have to put on here,since I'm quite possibly one of the Top 10 Most Boring People Alive).

1.I grind my teeth.
2.I always hated the color turqoise,but now really love it.
3.My father was 52 years old when I was born.
4.I got caught stealing a People magazine when I was 12.
5.I don't like my sisters' fiance,AT ALL.
6.My mom and I get along better after my fathers' death.
7.I never knew any of my grandparents.
8.I am obsessed with reading blogs.
9.I really dislike Madonna.
10.My favorite food is lasagne or macaroni and cheese.
11.I can't memorise a number or amount if I don't see it in writing first.
12.I don't like my boyfriends' sister.
13.I can't drive and don't have a lisence.
14.After my dad died,I kept some of his clothes that reminded me most of him.
15.I can't sleep without a pillow covering my head.
16.I am deathly afraid of rats/mice/hamsters/guinea pigs.
17.I am not at all afraid of spiders.
18.I would love a tarantula as a pet.
19.I love to sneeze.
20.I hate hearing other people sneeze,especially my sister.
21.I don't like drinking water.
22.I've seen 'Grease' over 200 times.
23.The first song I knew the words to, was "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette.
24.If I like a movie,I can watch it over,and over,and over.
25.I talk a lot during movies.
26.I hate it when people don't say hallo back,after I've greeted them.
27.I despise talking on the phone.
28.My skin is really sensitive,to everything.
29.I love how my boyfriend ALWAYS smells good,even if he's been sweating.
30.I prefer coffee over tea.
31.I hate the taste of wine.
32.My boyfriend is the guy that took my best friends' virginity,and I'm kind of jealous that she had him before me.
33.I only got my first kiss on the night I lost my virginity.
34.I lost my virginity a month before I turned 20.
35.I love cats,all types.
36.I love books set in the south of America (like Louisiana) or Maine - I don't know why.
37.I have been best friends with my bestie for 16 years.
38.In the time we've been friends,we've only ever fought twice.
39.I prefer writing with a black ink pen,rather than a blue one.
40.I love collecting stationary.
41.When I was in school,I stayed with my aunt every weekend,all weekend.
42.I prefer living near the sea,but I live in a valley between 2 mountain ranges.
43.If I don't have my contacts in or my glasses on,I'm nearly blind.
44.I used to be addicted to chatting on Mxit.
45.My boyfriend does not perform oral sex on me,and I'm really glad.I hate it.
46.I really love giving my boyfriend oral sex.
47.I don't exercise,ever,except for sex.
48.I like doing dishes.
49.I hate mopping floors.
50.I prefer showering to bathing.
51.My boyfriend is the only one who has ever been able to give me an orgasm (multiple ones actually).
52.I wrote my dad a letter and put it in his jacket pocket before he was burried.
53.I once took a picture of my cat that died.
54.I took a picture of my father in his coffin.
55.I'm obsessed with capturing mundane things on camera.
56.My boyfriend hates it when I take pictures of him.
57.I once found a dead rat in my school bag (from there my fear of rats).
58.My family and I had vacations at the same seaside town for 20 years.
59.I have very small hands and feet.
60.I didn't go to college because I felt I would be wasting my dad's money.
61.I still don't really know what my passion is.
62.My job is great and I really enjoy it.
63.My dream car is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.
64.I was always in the top 5 of my class,but never really studied hard.
65.If I'd studied harder,I think I would've done a lot better.
66.I would rather stay in on a Friday with my boyfriend,than go out partying.
67.My favorite drink is Hunter's Gold,an apple cider.
68.My boyfriend only drinks Castle beer - absolutely NO other alcohol.
69.I am a smoker (get over it).
70.I fear nothing more than losing the people I love.
71.I really like hanging out with my boyfriends' parents.
72.I don't know how to use predictive text when typing a message on my cellphone.
73.I don't like French accents.
74.I cry really easily,especially when watching a sad movie.
75.My mom and I love watching "Masterchef Goes Large" together.
76.The Stormers and the Springboks are my favorite rugby teams.
77.When I listen to smart people talk,I get sad because I'm not as smart as them.
78.I hate heat,and therefor prefer the winter.
79.I love rainy,misty,foggy weather.
80.My idea of a perfect day is lying in bed with my boyfriend,watching movies and eating lots of junk food.
81.Visiting my dad's grave is the most religious experience I've ever felt.
82.I'm on the Internet all day at work.
83.I'm jealous of other people's blogs and their writing on it,they always seem much better than mine.
84.Most people think I'm an extrovert,but I am extremely shy.
85.I desire a tan skin that doesn't have freckles or moles (which I have inherited from my mom).
86.I hate clothes-shopping,and would happily have someone else do it for me.
87.I read the starsign predictions in the newspaper every day,even though I don't believe it.
88.I lived with my parents until 2007 and a part of 2008,and even miss it now.
89.I still can't believe I'm living with my boyfriend and that he truly loves me.
90.I hate how I look on pictures.
91.I don't have green fingers,and all plants I own eventually die.
92.I hope to die in my sleep one day.
93.My favorite color used to be green,but have recently started loving red.
94.My bladder is the size of a peanut - I pee constantly.
95.I write only when I'm at work - I don't even think I have a pen at home.
96.When my boyfriend kisses me,it's the closest I can get to heaven on earth.
97.I've long given up on being skinny,so I've decided to just stay a fat bitch.
98.By looking at me,you'd think I was really unhealthy,but I am the least sickly of anyone I know.
99.I love waking up in the middle of the night,just to know I've got a few more hours of sleep.
100.I never know what to blog about.
101.I love answering questionnaires.


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