Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is this shit for serious?!

Listen,I'm all for true love,marriage and living happily ever after.But one thing I've never been,is a supporter of people getting married too young.I've seen way too many people deciding to marry their first love,or at least someone they started dating while in school,and it almost always ends in complete disaster.

Case in point,this girl who was in my class started dating her boyfriend in 10th grade,married him at 20,had a kid that same year,started her first affair the year after that,with 2 others following soon after,and last year she had her second baby,and thank goodness for her the baby looks like her and not the father,because there seems to be a bit of confusion over who the father actually is.

So imagine my surprise when a friend tells me today that this total douchebag guy in our town is engaged to his girlfriend.Aside from the fact that he is at 25 the intellectual equivalent of a bag of jelly beans,being EXTREMELY homophobic and quite possibly having been the inspiration for Katy Perry's song "Ur So Gay",his freaking fiancé is only 18!

This little girl only finished school last year,and yet here she is,already engaged to the biggest ass I personally have had the pleasure of talking to.Not only that,it might've been acceptable for them to get married so young (I mean her parents appear to be delighted...did I mention they both too are COMPLETE and UTTER douchebags?),if they had been together for at least 2 years or so.But no,why wait?They've only been together 5 months!

I don't mean to be raining on anybody's parade or anything,and I'm also totally sure that there are millions of happy couples out there that got married really young,but deep down I just can't understand how this could possibly work out.

I mean the guy wears popped collar gholf shirts for goodness sakes!That alone makes him unfit to be a groom!


Snickerdoodle Champagne said...

Wow, that's really too bad. 18 years old and only 5 months?? Hate to say it but it sounds doomed for sure.

Ruggy13 said...

OMG I hate it when you watch something like that. I've had friends like that and to hear them say after 2 months that they are ready to get married is crazy. Do they really think their relationship is equivalent to what Josh and I built in the 3 years before we got married. Sorry sista! the first 5 months are always cake... that relationship is heading for the gutter...

drollgirl said...

they are DOOMED. and if the parents are delighted about the engagement, the genes are faulty for sure. sheezus. disaster!!!!

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