Monday, January 19, 2009

The Family Weekend

I totally can't believe that the weekend is over already!It really is true that time flies when you're having fun.And this weekend was fun,if only to see my nephews.Because I didn't really do much of anything else.Except spend more money that I don't actually have,but in my defense,it was all on things that we do need for the apartment.Unfortunately,now we don't have money for food for the rest of the month,and there's still 11 days before payday.

Oh well,here's what I did this weekend:

On Friday,my mom,niece and I left home at about 6 and got to Wellington at 7:30pm.It was still really sunny out,so I played outside with the nephews a bit,until my brother got home at 8 and he and I went to KFC to get some dinner,seeing as none of us were in the mood to make dinner,and well,we were just all in the mood for some fattening chicken.After dinner,we watched some movies,until about 12,but we were all worn out,and just kind of zonked out.

Unfortunately,the kiddies don't work that way,and 6:30 the next morning they were all wide awake and running around like mad people,each one trying to get something to eat,drink or some (my niece) even already putting on their bathing suits to go swimming.Well,it is hot enough to swim at that time,so I guess it's not that strange.My brother only has this really small inflatable swimming pool,because they've just sold their house,and it's no use putting in an expensive pool now,since they are moving at the end of February anyway.

At around 10 my brother took me to a few appliance shops to look for a washing machine,which was kind of frustrating,because you not only see these great washing machines,but all these amazing TV's and furniture,so basically all the stuff I can't afford.It was very depressing.

My mood soon lifted when we finally got my washing machine.It's really cool,although not the most state-of-the-art one around,it's still automatic,so that suits me fine.We did some more shopping for stuff my bro needed and when we got home,the kids were all really excited to have some more people to play with,seeing as they spent the morning with their grandma,and they actually behave really well around her,almost like they know they shouldn't wear grandma out.Also,she is really imposing,so they don't really dare misbehave.So when we got home,they let rip,and starting go crazy.

At around 5pm,we had a bbq,but didn't stay outside very late,because since all the kids were there,we couldn't really get drunk and stuff (which is what I really needed - hahahaha),so we just ate our lovely food,and watched some more movies,which is actually fun,because we hardly watch the movie,seeing as each family member seems to have their own running commentary of what is going on on screen.Watching a movie with my brother is quite an experience,because even if you're watching a movie with a subject that is quite unbelieveable,like Lord of the Rings,he will make you feel like hobbits and magical rings that can ruin the world,really,truly exist,and he gets you all excited.I've always felt like he should've been a sports commentator as well,because we were watching a cricket match between South Africa and Australia (which we unfortunately lost with 6 runs) and he had more to say by far,than the real commentators.

On Sunday,I went to Pick and Pay,and did some household shopping,seeing as they are a bit less expensive than the shop in the town where I live,so I stocked up on catfood for Maya,some toys for her to play with (got that at this quaint little pet shop),cat litter,tooth paste,lots of soap,new automatic washingmachine washing powder,etc.Yeah I know,majorly exciting.2 Years ago I would've spent my last money on going out or buying unneccessary stuff like magazines or lip gloss.Not anymore.I'm completely domesticated now.

When we finally got home at 4 pm,JC and I immediately hooked up the new washing machine and tried it out.It is so good being able to do the washing in my own apartment,and it saves a whole lot of time.My baby really missed me this weekend it seems,because while we were waiting for the last load of washing,he gave some very lovely 'afternoon delight' (I know,TMI,but I don't care),so lovely (and loud,in fact) that we didn't even notice the washing machine spinning so wildly,that the water pipe popped out,and we were left with water all over the floor.But I gotta tell you,the nookie was worth it.

And here we are,a whole new week.School starts again this week on Wednesday,and my niece is going to 2nd grade,and unlike most children,she is super excited to be going back to school.She gets bored VERY easily,and school is the only thing that can keep her attention for more than an hour.I'm praying that she has an amazing school year.

Hope you all have a supercalifragilisticexpielidocious week ahead,and congrats to the incredible Barack Obama on his inauguration - even though I don't live in America,even us all the way over here in South Africa can feel the enormity of what is happening over there.Good luck America.


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