Friday, January 30, 2009

Debbie Downer?No,more like Penny Pathetic

This is getting to be a real trend now.Me being depressed every Friday.Weekends are supposed to be fun!Not for me,I'm just feeling like there's this huge black cloud above my head,and no matter how much I try to stay positive,the week just works at my positivity like an axe,and by Friday I'm in such a state that my whole weekend is ruined.

I got my salary today,and was pleasantly surprised to see that I got a little bit of a raise.Now,in today's economic situation,that is a miracle in itself,but you know what?My raise is supposed to be R250.00,which isn't much,but is still a LOT better than nothing.But my happiness was short lived,when at the very end of my payslip,I saw the amount I would get out after my medical aid and everything was subtracted.My actual raise is only R30!Geez,I can't even buy 2 bottles of Coke with that!

After already feeling like a shithouse rat,this was just too much,and I burst out in my 9 in the morning.I think my co-workers now think I'm crazy.

Well,their not wrong,I guess.


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