Thursday, January 8, 2009

My corner of the world - Citrusdal, South Africa

This shows a map of the Western Cape, the most beautiful part of South Africa, in my opinion

This is a view of Citrusdal,as seen from the Elephantsriver Mountain
This is the entrance to the town.It is really quite small

South Africa.For a lot of people the mention of the countries’ name, brings on only thoughts of apartheid and nothing else of note.

Well, yes, apartheid was a big thing in the history of South Africa, but honestly, we have been democratic for over 14 years, and we have so much more to offer than just politics.

My family has always lived in South Africa. More specifically, my fathers’ family has always lived in this one small town, about 2 hours’ drive from Cape Town, the Mother City. It’s called Citrusdal, because we are set in a valley between two mountain ranges, the Elephantsriver Mountains and the Cederberg Mountain Range, and also obviously because we are a huge contributor to the citrus exports of South Africa.

I love my little town.Now, I don’t know what little towns around the world are like, but my little town, is quite nice. Well, we don’t have many shops to choose from, and certainly no cinema or clubs, but I enjoy the unspoilt living we have here. Sure, there are some thefts or break ins, but mostly we can still get by without safety bars in front of our windows, and kids can still ride their bikes all the way across town to go visit a friend, without having to worry about being hurt or abducted.

Our town has all the essentials, a school, church, hospital, a lawyer, accountant, butcher, pharmacy, you know, all the people you need to make a town a town. I understand why lots of people emigrate overseas, to places like Australia and England. Those places do seem incredible. But really, are they that much safer or cheaper than my country? I mean, for me, it would have to get really,really bad here before I would consider leaving, because this is my heritage, and all of my family is here.

I would never be able to leave my little corner of the world and settle somewhere completely different, but that’s just me. I am very resistant to change, and would probably never change anything in my life if things didn’t break or get old. Sentimentality is a curse.

But I guess the point is, I just wanted a chance to show you all some pictures of my beautiful country, because yes, we do have crime, corruption and high food and gas prices, but we also have incredibly beautiful scenery and amazing people living here. No place on earth is all bad, or all good, and I guess in that scheme of things, South Africa is probably in that little grey area between bad and good. Which lets face it, isn’t all that bad a place to be.
If you'd like to learn more about Citrusdal, check out this site.


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