Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't function like this

If there's one thing I really hate,it's having a headache when it's a hot day. When it's hot,and my head feels like a 18 wheeler truck is driving as fast as it can,in big circles, everything starts to irritate me.

Ok, so it is Monday,first day of work after 4 somewhat leisurely days off,and I'm already working hard trying to get all the car parts sorted for stocktake at the end of February, and what happens to make it all that much nicer?I get a major headache.Alright,I'm exaggerating,but that's also a side effect of my headache.

This one is more like a slow-moving train.You just wana push it along and let the damn thing go away,but it doesn't go away.I'm thinking I might be a bit dehydrated or something,seeing as a dull headache is often a symptom of dehydration.But to be very honest with you,I hate drinking water.Unless I'm extremely,extremely thirsty and there is absolutely no fizzy drinks around, I would never drink water.And I hardly ever eat vegetables or fruit, so I should actually be quite happy that I'm still alive,and just stop complaining about stupid headaches.

But you see, complaining is also a side effect of me having a headache!


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