Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weight - the neverending story

Forget that whole story about the dragon and the boy and the talking,walking mountains.My weight is definitely the neverending story of my life.Ever since I can remember,I've been overweight.There are lots of family members of mine,who are overweight as well.It really isn't a mystery how I got to be this way.Eating a lot,and eating lots of unhealthy food,and also not exercising.At all.

I'm not one of those fatties that try to blame my emotions or Macdonalds or whatever.I accept full responsible for who and what I am today.What I can't understand however,is why what I look like,should bother anybody else?Ok,so I'm no gorgeous piece of art to look at.Obviously.But why do some people feel the need to ridicule fat people,or act like fat people are the disgusting fungus that grows underneath trashcans that are left out too long?

Everyone can't be the same,everyone can't be tall,blonde,blue-eyed and gorgeous.Even people who are rake thin,aren't always very beautiful.They are just thin.Why does weighing less,make people think they are superior to fat people?

Does fat automatically make you slow,dumb,crazy,pathetic and disgusting?I'm obese,but I'm nowhere near not being able to move or do stuff thin people do.I probably just won't look as elegant doing those things.But I'm not afraid to do anything anyone else does,just cause I'm fat.

I understand being fat is supposed to be unhealthy.But that is also a common misconception.Not ALL fat people are unhealthy.My best friend for the last 16 years, is a very thin girl,who has always been very slim,and also very active.Well,she has a lot more health problems than I do.So if being fat was always the cause of being unhealthy,why is she not an extremely healthy person?As I was saying,I understand people think that being fat makes you very unhealthy,but my ultimate question has to be "what the fuck does that have to do with anyone but myself?"

I don't judge people with bad habits.To each their own.If you're super thin and not eating for days on end,I'm not going to look at you in disgust and think about how unhealthy you look.By God,if you want to starve yourself,go ahead.It's your problem.I'm not going to try and make you eat.So why do thin people always assume fat people want to be thin?The only reason I ever consider trying to lose weight,is when thin people break my confidence down and make me feel like shit.Otherwise I'm a very happy,content person.

But I guess to some people,other people's happiness is less important than what they look like.That makes me very sad.


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