Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love a man who works with his hands,but our mechanics suck

Yesterday afternoon,my boss comes into my office,and asks me "Do you think you could stay for a little bit after work tomorrow?" So I say "Sure,no problem."When I actually want to start already apologizing for whatever it is he's going to yell at me for doing wrong.

My boss is a very soft spoken,gentle man,and he hates conflict,so I couldn't really understand why he would want to have a special meeting with me,alone.So this morning,I asked my other boss (who happens to be a second cousin of mine,his father is the big boss,and the big boss was my fathers' favorite cousin - sort of the reason I got this job) why I had to stay behind,and he said that everyone has to stay behind,and his father was just going to talk about the work and rules and other boring crap in general,but he was mainly going to focus on the mechanics (I work in a car dealership (and workshop).

Those lazy SOB mechanics are a real waste of air.They even irritate me,and I sit in my own little office,so I hardly ever see them.But my boss has a lot of trouble with them just leaving work whenever they want,breaking tools or spares in the workshop,drinking all the coffee,tea or cooldrink in the staff kitchen,etc.The list goes on.They just do what they want,and get paid huge salaries,and they aren't even scared of being fired,because they know my boss is a softie,and wouldn't do that.

This one mechanic,who is like 20+ years older than me,has started this habit of coming to drink his coffee on the stairs outside my office,every day.There he will sit and smoke and make small talk,for whatever reason.I wouldn't be bothered by this,but he is a little pervy,and always looks at you like he's undressing you with his eyes.When I'm out at a bar,drunk and the guy doing the mental undressing is hot,that would be cool.This however,is not.And now,my big boss' other son (he's the sales manager),is starting to get really pissed off with this mechanic smoking up the place.And since he's doing it right by my office,it looks like I'm encouraging him.Which I'm certainly not!I don't like getting in trouble for other people's crap.

So tonight,the whole staff is coming together for a 'beginning of the year' meeting.Yay,I just absolutely adore meetings.NOT.But hopefully some problems will get sorted out,these cocky asshole mechanics will be put in their place,and I will not even be looked at,because seriously,I'm an angel at work.

Well,except for the insane amount of time I spend on the internet every day.

But shhh,no one need know that ;-)

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drollgirl said...

I used to work for a carburetor shop a long time ago, and there were DEFINITELY a lot of slacker mechanics. and sweaty pervs. YIKES. I hope yer boss can get them under control.

p.s. Your post also reminded me of the No. Ladies Detective Agency book by Alexander McCall. Yes, I am a nerd.

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