Monday, January 26, 2009

Just call me "The Handbag Whisperer"

I have to admit,I'm a bit of a nosy freak.I love to know stuff about people,but not really the big important stuff,that is just boring.

No,I like to know what kind of lipgloss you use,or what type of cellphone,or if you have a little makeup bag in your purse,do you keep or throw away your receipts?Stuff like that,because I personally believe that getting to truly know someone is in those small details.Because one can try to hide your personality,but you can't hide what you put in your bag.

Don't get me wrong,I don't go rummaging through random people's bags,but when I meet someone new,or even if I catch up with someone I've not seen for a while,I tend to notice what they take out and put in their bag.That gives me a sort of idea of what their up to,or what they are into at the moment.It can be very telling.You should try it sometime.

1 Comment:

Sofi said...

Hi, that's funny, I also love to know what people keep in their handbags :) For my pictures I use a program called Gimp, it's quite similar to photoshop but it's open source so it's free to download and use so that's good :)

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