Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Babies for Sale

{Not the baby in the article}

I saw this article this morning,and it kind of freaked me out.

A young woman in India was forced to sell her newborn baby,in order to pay the medical expenses she had following the birth of the baby.It's really sad that medical aid is so expensive in today's society,that people have to sell of their own flesh and blood to be able to afford it.She sold the baby to a man for 6000 rupees.He and his wife are seemingly unable to have children of their own.

This is where the dilemma comes in for me.I would never sell my own child,but I sometimes think that certain countries make adoption by people outside of that country extremely difficult to do,which doesn't benefit anybody,much less the children that need loving homes to go to.

Like this baby.The baby has now been reunited with its mother,because the welfare wants her to breastfeed.Like that is reason alone to have this child grow up dirt poor,seeing as the mom admitted she has no way of caring for the baby.

I believe that baby would've been better off with the man and woman who are childless,who were willing to part with their hard earned money to have this baby,and are probably in a much better position to take care of the baby.

What do you think?


Ruggy13 said...

I think it really depends on how rediculous the bills were. They can be pretty out of hand to set anyone back. I totally get what you are saying and totally agree that the child should be with people who can take care of it. I didn't read the article though.

Anonymous said...

i want the baby.

Anonymous said...

I want another baby!!!

Anonymous said...

That is really sad! :(

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