Wednesday, February 25, 2009

THIS I love

Zané and Nico enjoying the bit of cooler weather.She's trying to teach him how to ride his bike

These are all pictures of what the sky looked like yesterday afternoon at 5:30 when I was walking home after work.Thunder clouds were coming in,and by 9pm last night,heavy raindrops had started falling.It must've drizzled through most of the night,because you could see some waterpools in the streets this morning,even though it was 24 degrees celsius last night (yes!at night!).


Namine said...

So lucky on the weather... It's -21 C here and it's freaking cold!!

Did you change your blog layout??

ecotorium said...

Those pictures are really cool. I'd love to see more of where you live - it sounds so nice and quaint.

drollgirl said...

those kids are SUPER CUTE!!!!!!

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