Friday, February 6, 2009

I hate money

My best friend L and I have been chatting the whole week on Facebook,and there has been a very distinct theme to most of the conversations.Money,or the lack thereof,to be more exact.It basically goes something like this:

L: Ugh,I am so broke,and I still have to do this and this,and it's gona cost a shitload of money.

Me: Ugh,I am so broke,I really wanted to do this and this,but everything costs a shitload of money.

So yeah,not very entertaining,but very true.I am so tired of having to be content with the cheapest of everything,and the very minimum of everything.I know,in my rational mind,that there are plenty,plenty of people in this world that are way worse off than I am at the moment,but in my emotional,overly dramatic mind,I am like a little child throwing a tantrum,because I can't get what I want.

I know money is needed to survive,to buy food,clothes,living space,whatever,but that doesn't stop me from TOTALLY hating it.If I had a choice,I would be living up in the mountains in some little wooden cabin,surviving off of what nature provides me,because I am sick and tired of worrying every month about a few pieces of dumbass paper,that I've basically 'spent',even before I've gotten paid.Because month after month,my budget is so completely stretched tight and to the limit,that by the time I get my salary,most everything is spent on the very first day already.That is actually the part that really busts my nuts (if I actually had any),let's make it my metaphorical nuts,because after that,I know that for the rest of the month,I will have to live like a complete recluse,because there won't be money to go out,take out some movies,go visit friends,have a little get-together,have some take-out,nothing.

Like I said,I know I'm much better off than lots of other people,I'm not starving and I still have a place to live and work,but honestly,its really hard to think of the positives,when the negatives are all that consume my mind.

Ok,my money-rant is officially least until the next time I feel the pressure building up.So I'll probably be ranting again next month.


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