Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love me some bald men

I'm really into hair at the moment it seems (my colour came out really well,it looks very natural,not like its coloured,so I'm very pleased)and I got to thinking about what the kind of hair look is I like on a man.I've always liked the stereotypical look of a guy like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp,and still do,and in my school days there was nothing sexier than a guy with long dark hair,but ever since I got together with my man,I have developed a very big,let's call it admiration,for a baldheaded or shaven man.It just looks so tough and manly,and it actually is quite sexy,even though lots of men find the loss of their hair to be emasculating.I find it the complete opposite.

Like the guys above have proven,you don't need a bunch of hair to look good,or be a tough (yet sensitive) guy.

So guys,if you're starting to thin out on top,please avoid the following,by any means neccessary ~

I swear to God,these two pictures actually make me nautious.


The Cherry Blog said...

haha those last two were a little, unsettling, to say the least! I love jason - give me that kind of bald anyday! x

drollgirl said...

bald can be good! anything is better than a comb-over or toupee!!!!

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