Monday, February 16, 2009

My very un-Valentine's weekend (and Maya pictures!)

Like I predicted,this was not at all a very romantic or 'special' weekend,but rather,one like all the others.I was not in a good mood for most of it,and spent most of the time just relaxing at home and watching bad tv.The only time I really ventured outside the apartment,was on Saturday afternoon when my sister came and picked me up,and we spent the afternoon making her wedding invitations.She had decided early on not to waste money on getting someone else to make her invitations,seeing as they are keeping the wedding guests to the bare minimum (only about 40 people) so we decided that we would make the cards ourselves.As soon as they are completely finished,I will put up a picture of what they look like.Very plain and simple,but very cute.

Saturday night we went for a very quick drink (which I wasn't really in the mood for) and saw the end of the Bulls vs. Reds,Super 14 Rugby match,which the bloody Bulls won (I hate those guys).My team,the Stormers,lost by a mere 5 points to the Sharks,so I'm hoping it was just a shaky start and that by next weekend they will have recovered and proceed to kick some serious ass.

This week is going to be extremely hot,according to the weather services,and there have been lots of veld fires in the Western Cape,while the eastern and northern part of South Africa is basically drowning in all the rain.We are indeed having really strange weather for this time of year.Although the heat is a constant here where I live.I can't wait for winter.Seriously.

I took some new pictures of Maya,and just have to show you.She is getting so big,and is getting prettier by the day.She is really adorable,but we have decided to keep her in the apartment during the day when we are at work,because our next door neighbour is a big old grouch,and even though he has like 5 cats of his own (including 2 kittens),he actually had the nerve to say that Maya came into their apartment on Saturday and pee'd on his carpet.WTF?!Like there is no chance that it was one of his own cats that did it?And this after I explicitly told him that he should chace her away from his place if she bothered him.He's an asshole.

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ecotorium said...

She's so adorable!

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