Friday, February 13, 2009

Something I forgot to mention

{WARNING: Could upset die hard romantics}

Before anyone says I'm only saying this because I'm some kind of bitter,lonely spinster,I am living with the man I believe to be my soulmate,who I love more than anything,and who is a constant reminder to me what true love feels like.

However,I hate Valentine's Day.With a passion that I just wish I could have for exercise.This day of days irritates the living crap out of me,purely because of the fact that advertisers make it seem as if your relationship is nothing (and definitely not loving and romantic) if you are not taken to the most expensive restaurant,given a very big piece of (preferably diamond) jewellery,treated to breakfast in bed or given the biggest,sunblocking bouquet of flowers know to man.

I'm really sorry if I offend anyone out there who feels this day is the symbol for all that is beautiful and pure,but to me,lots of pink and red hearts and candies are not a sign of a loving relationship or of being loved by someone.And I also hate the fact that this day is used to make people who are unlucky (or IMHO,mostly lucky) not to have a significant other on this sucky day,feel like there is something wrong with them for not having someone,and that they are nothing until they have someone to share meaningless pink heart-filled cards with.

I much prefer today,Friday the 13th,and am going to spend the whole night playing with my black cat underneath a ladder,with a piece of broken mirror.Just to keep things interesting.And hopefully,after being fully medicated for this flu,sleep through the whole sordid ordeal that is called Valentine's Day.


drollgirl said...


Blu said...

Hi, I loved reading your thoughts and St Vs day. Personally I think that Christmas is even worse!

Take care and best wishes Blu

C'est l'Amour said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for your comment btw! I am loving your blog, and the Valentines day picture. (Ha) very, very true. I look forward to keeping up on your blog <3

ecotorium said...

That sounds like my kinda day!

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