Friday, February 20, 2009

The no-make up look

I've been thinking about this for a bit,and I've come to the simple conclusion that I would rather be one of those people who hardly ever wears make up,and when I do,people act like I've discoverd the wheel or something.As opposed to being one of those people who always wears so much make up that on the off chance you catch them without make up,they basically look like someone with a terminal illness or the Ghost of Christmas Past.

I started thinking about this because since it's been so very hot here the last couple of weeks,I haven't really put on any make up at all ~ you literally sweat it all of within half an hour of leaving the house,so it's useless to waste your expensive (or in my case,dirt cheap) make up like that.So now I only put on a little concealer under my eyes (for those extremely persistent dark circles) and a bit of mascara (otherwise I look like a lab rat ~ one of those big white lab rats ~ so not a good look).

I really don't care what people think,the less make up look is much more comfortable in this heat,because if I put on too much make up and sweat so much after that,I tend to get a few zits,which is a definite no-no for me.Otherwise my skin is quite clear,and gosh golly,I wana keep it that way.

Come winter time I'll pile on the beautifying war paint again.But for now the mask will have to stay hidden.And I'm not missing it one bit.

{See?I'd rather be the left side most of the time,so people can get used to it,rather than be the right side most of the time,and freak people the hell out when they see me looking like the left side}


drollgirl said...

i know it is much better for the skin to go light on the makeup or not wear makeup at all. i look AWFUL without it, so i usually feel like i have to wear it or people think i am a cancer patient or something!!!

ecotorium said...

i cannot stand makeup. i wouldn't even know where to begin. and besides, to me its almost like a really padded bra - its just not you. why not be happy with you? a know?

Namine said...

I agree!! The picture is good. I rub my eyes to much sometimes so what's the point of wearing makeup

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