Thursday, February 12, 2009

No make up on

I swear to you,every time my mom sees me without mascara on,she asks if I'm feeling okay,and if I'm not ill.That should give you some idea of how pale and horrible I look without make up (more specifically,mascara) on.

However,when I heard it was going to be so kick-ass hot today,I decided to do something I never do ~ go to work without make up on.Don't know what everyone is thinking today,but I'm pretty sure those funny looks I'm getting isn't because they think I'm special.I think they are afraid I might have some kind of incurable disease or something.I look that bad.

PS.I always,for some unknown reason,have dark circles under my eyes,especially if I'm tired.Last night,the wind kept me awake for large parts of the night.So just imagine the dark circles today.Yup,just imagine it.

1 Comment:

drollgirl said...

HA!!! i get the same exact reaction if i don't have full make up. ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU TIRED? irritating.

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