Thursday, February 12, 2009


A lot of people have things that they just cannot do without each day.Some people are just a lot better people than I am,so the things they are obsessed with or addicted to,are a lot healthier,or not really a danger to their livelyhoods.Some lucky bitches (yes,I'm jealous) can't go a day without exercising,eating loads of salad or getting up really,really early in the morning.They can't go a day without drinking bottles of water,cleaning their houses and making sure their offices are nice and tidy.

If I could have an addiction like that,I would be in heaven.Instead,I have been blessed with a very addictive personality,but also with a taste for the bad life.I like smoking,eating way too much,sleeping late,not cleaning my 'spaces' (home and office),a little gambling,etc.

But now I have developed an addiction that I never thought would happen,and that I feel is just another sign that I am an absolute loser,and there surely is no hope for me.

Fucking Coke.I never drank the stuff,until I moved in with JC,who usually drinks his beer,or some generic kind of cooldrink,and if he drinks gas cooldrink,it has to be Coke.So we always have some of it.That is,if there's money for it,because in South Africa,Coca Cola is really expensive,and so I don't buy it that often anymore.But now I'm addicted.As soon as I get thirsty,I don't think about a nice glass of water or juice.No,I want Coke.And lots of it.

I swear,if I develop one more vice,I'm having myself locked up.This shit is out of control.

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drollgirl said...

i crave coke, too. all the time. i try not to buy it, because i will just drink and drink and drink it. my self-control butting is on the fritz and just doesn't work!!!

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