Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally Friday!

I shouldn't complain,because this week seriously flew by!The weeks really just blend into each other at the moment,but again,I shouldn't complain,because I really want to have the summer over.This heat is making me sick.Literally.

{Random thoughts on this lovely Friday the 13th}

~ From last night I'm sick as a dog.My head nearly burst (at least it felt that way),my throat hurts like hell,and my body aches like I've been Chris Browned.

~ My best friend is not in a good place right now,and I feel really helpless,because being so far apart,I can't really do anything for her.

~ Some stray cats are invading our apartment during the day (while we're at work) and eating my Maya's catfood.I don't know how to stop this,and I can't close up the whole place,otherwise she would have to stay inside the whole time,and she would wreck the place if we did that.

~ I've got to help my sis make her wedding invitations tomorrow (we have decided,in order to save money,to make them ourselves).But feeling the way I do now,I'm seriously not in the mood,at all.

~ I still haven't cleaned our apartment after the horrible winds of the past week,and everything is still covered in dust,and I sure as hell am not going to clean it this weekend.I think I'm just going to stay in bed the entire time,that way I don't have to walk in or touch the dirt.

~ I am about ready to kill the woman I work with.Like I mentioned,I am not feeling well,and she is just pissing me off even more,because I am having to act as her bloody personal assistant.I'm constantly taking messages for her and doing her job,because she is either not here,or is chatting with someone on the phone.She,honest to God,sometimes spends more than half an hour on the phone with her husband or friends.And this while she's supposed to be the receptionist.I know I've talked about this a lot,but it just keeps pissing me off!

~ If there's one thing I hate more than summer,it's being ill in summer.As if the fever I have isn't warm enough,it has to be astronomically hot outside as well.And there is no place to hide from the heat.Aircons just don't seem to always do the trick,and besides,we don't have aircons everywhere we go,so anytime you leave the house,you are assaulted with extreme heat.I hate it!

Well,that's about enough complaining for now.Until I can think of some more stuff I'm unhappy about.


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