Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some very late Oscar commentary {skip if you're tired of this stuff already}

I didn't get to watch the Oscars,seeing as America is like 10 hours behind us and I was fast asleep at the time it took place.So everything I've heard about it,is purely hearsay,and I have to say,the bloggers I follow all have a very varied opinion of what went down.

{Here are some of the dresses others have commented on,and what I think of them}

There's only one thing I can say about this look.BORING!This is supposed to be the goddess,the sex symbol,the woman every man wants to get with and every woman wants to be.Why the hell is she dressed the same at every event?Obviously not exactly,but damn near close.Now I know she is still super pretty and everything,but that doesn't mean she can't shake things up a little every now and then.That's what she's always been good at.Guess the kids have made her more 'beige' than 'fire red' (colors = personality).

I actually really like this dress on Marissa Tomei.It's plain and simple,yet stands out,and seems kind of dramatic,although it is kind of channeling Peter Pan for some reason.I like her hair too,I would wear my hair like that all the time if I had a personal hair stylist.It looks so fancy.

Natalie Portman is obviously a gorgeous creature and she would look like a million $$$ in just about anything,but I think this dress is a bit princessy (a little too much pink).She has the looks and definitely the body to pull of a much riskier look.

I've read some blogs where people are saying they absolutely hate the dress of Amy Adams.I personally LOVE it!I'm always backward with these things.I love the style of the dress,although I don't like the black detailing on the bodice.Her hair and make up is to die for,and the necklace is a stunning compliment to the color of the dress.

Three of the biggest doozies of the night,in my opinion.

1. Jessica Biel ~ she is hot,that much is true,but that doesn't mean she can just wrap her silk sheets around her,put on some make up and go to the Oscars.it just doesn't work that way.

2. BeyoncĂ© ~ hideosity beyond hideosity.She looks like she's wearing a very ancient Chinese vase and the way she always poses makes it look like she got stuck that way and can't move for fear she will break into a million pieces.

3. Miley Cyrus ~ The style of the dress is actually very pretty...on someone 20 years her senior,and the material should look less like the sushi you had for lunch.


Wendie said...

Excellent call on Miley looking like a sushi roll.

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