Monday, March 9, 2009

The Baths

This is the oldest building on the grounds at The Baths.It used to be the main farm house (because The Baths was a farm,long ago),but now houses a few vacation apartments you can rent,and a central games room

This is one of the other buildings,where you can also rent a room

This is a picture of the rockpools we swam in (after we got out of one of the jacuzzi's - ;-) The top 2 small ones have the hot water that everyone loves (but it's way too hot for summer - the water gets to 43 degrees celsius.The bottom big one is the one we swam in.It has cold water that comes from the mountain streams,and not from underground

On Saturday,my sister asked JC and I if we wanted to go to The Baths,a natural hot spring,about 20 km outside of our town.Of course we said yes,because it was once again sweltering hot,and even though The Baths is mostly know for it's natural hot springs,they also have cool water rockpools,right against the mountain.Let's just say,it was awesome.We spent about 5 hours in the water,and ended up looking like extremely white raisins.But it was totally worth it.


Awesome Sara said...

FUN!!!!! I want to take a dip in that last pic!! I just a new swimming outfit I want to test it out

creative kerfuffle said...

that looks FANTASTIC! oh, i'd love a day at a place like that.

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