Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They're like bubble wrap,that's about to burst.Ewww

This weekend,while swimming at The Baths,two couples walked up to the rock pool we were swimming in,and totally blew my mind.Seeing as the town I live in is very small,we don't really have lots of different characters to ogle (i.e. make fun of),so whenever someone remotely *strange* comes to town,it's awesome and good fodder for at least a few hours' entertainment.

These two couples were both made up of identical looking Barbie doll babes and muscle-bound gym bunny men,spray-tanned to the brim,lots of make-up,hairspray,tiny bikini's and flashy jewellery.Really classy.Now,I have to admit that I was kind of jealous of these two girls,because they didn't look to be much older than me,and both had their children with them (and their bodies are still really good).Until the one chick turned around.Her ass looked like it was made of playdough and she had just sat on a pebble beach.Very,very bad cellulite.Not that there's anything wrong with that,but it just looked really odd on her otherwise perfect body.

And the other girl.Beautiful face,hot body,amazing tan skin and dark hair,and on her chest?The most hideous pair of fake boobs I had ever come into such close proximity of.It was truly something to behold.The veins on those things were noticeable from a few yards away,and her nipples literally looked like they were in trouble from the cops and running in different directions,trying to escape.Christina and her veiny boobs have nothing on this chick.

I'm very far from being a perfect specimen,and would never act as if I were,so it is comforting to me in an extreme manner,to see even hot girls with major flaws.It just goes to show,nobody is perfect and you should be grateful for what God gave you.

And what did God give me?Lovely soft,jiggly breastesses,and not the bubble-wrap kind.I (and especially my boyfriend) are very thankful for this!


ecotorium said...

That sounds priceless! HA!

...love Maegan said...

yeah, that doesn't look so good ...and all that makeup too ...like clay all over her face and chest...weird.

Awesome Sara said...

LOL!!!! you are hilarious!! i live in florida and we get people like that ALL THE TIME

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