Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need some candy...some EYE candy

I am a total loser.Since school I've always had some or other crush on either an actor or musician.Like Brad Pitt,Johnny Depp,Paul Walker,Jon Bon Jovi,Nick from the Backstreet Boys (very long ago!),etc,etc.

Well,I've noticed that ever since JC and I have been together,I just don't crush anymore.There's absolutely no celebrity or hot guy out there that I've been fantasizing or druelling over.When I have sexy dreams,I have them about my boyfriend.How freaking sad is that?I would never be unfaithful,but I do believe a healthy fantasy life is a good thing.All I fantasize about,is my man.I'm officially whipped.


That has all changed in the last month.You see,it's rugby season again.The Super 14 has started,and that means rugby games every single weekend.My boyfriend is a MAJOR Stormers fan,and so I am pretty much forced to watch all these games with him,if I hope to spend some quality time with him.Now,I'm a huge Stormers supporter too,purely out of loyalty,because they tend to lose a lot,and they have some very hot guys playing on the team.But it's in my number 2 team (the Sharks) that I have found my 2 new sexy guy crushes.Francois Steyn and Bismarck du Plessis.Both young and baby faced,yet ripped and total barbarians on the field.The perfect combination.

{Just look at these and tell me you don't agree}

Bismarck in his Sharks jersey

*drool* Bismarck on the field

Francois practising his 'ball' skills

Those eyes,those lips...*sigh*


Belle said...

oh god yes.
to any of them.

Chele said...

oh hello pecs and beautiful blonde, wow. yes please

Leetid said...

Those pics have certainly made my day!!!!

I also had a massive crush on Nick from the Backstreet Boys back in the day!

ecotorium said...

Although I'm not too huge into big muscles, these guys are good looking. Rugged. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out the RECENT pictures of Nick Carter since his weight loss? Got himself a nice six pack going there and looks better than he's looked in a DECADE!

I could eat him alive
http://phrg.for-fan.org/gallery/display ... 532&pos=11
http://phrg.for-fan.org/gallery/display ... 532&pos=13

Anonymous said...

Sorry, better link...


drollgirl said...

JESUS!!! those guys are hawt!!!!

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