Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Potential Braceface

I've just gotten back from the dentist {who just happens to be a new,super cool chick},and to my total relief,I have absolutely no cavities,and am only going back on Friday for a good cleaning.

However,as I've learned so often,every silver lining has a big,grey cloud attached to it.The dentist was shocked to hear from me that none of the other dentists I've ever visited had recommended to me that I get braces.I can explain that fact though ~ I never had a medical aid,so they wouldn't have been able to charge me a lot of many.She explained to me how my overbite was the cause of my lisp and the grinding of my teeth.This all led to my jaw joints weakening,and this could all cause me to have a joint surgery in the future.

She wanted to know if I'd be willing to wear braces at the age of 26,which,admittedly,is not something I would really want to do,but if it will help me avoid surgery,and improve my quality of life(relieve my headaches caused by the bruxism,and the bruxism itself),then by golly,of course I'll do it!

So on Friday I'm getting the number for an orthodontist,and hopefully I can go and see this person as soon as possible.One thing that bothers me,is that this will mean {of course only if I'm approved for braces by my medical aid} that I will be wearing braces in the pictures of my sisters' wedding in September.

Not hot.


ecotorium said...

What about having that "mouth guard" like thing that adjusts your teeth, but it isn't as noticeable as braces? Might cost more though....

drollgirl said...

I hope you get braces for FREE, as they are a flipping fortune (at least they are in the U.S.). will keep my fingers crossed for ya!

Awesome Sara said...

i had braces for 4 years and believe me you dont want them. get a bite guard for the grinding and an overbite is cute. dont waste the money, grownups with braces look like they want to travel back in time and be a teen

Namine said...

I know braces are a HUGE pain, but I hate my teeth. I will one day be getting them or doing something else to help fix them.
Who cares if I look like a teen for a bit as long as I don't act like one!

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