Thursday, April 23, 2009


So,I voted yesterday,after lying in bed the whole day,reading.I lie,I wasn't in bed the whole day.I actually dragged my lazy butt around the (very small) apartment,and cleaned a bit.Also,I made it rain a bit last night by actually sorting out my closet.It's the neatest it's been since we moved in 5 months ago.I'm super proud of myself.

For dinner I made pizza,which went down very well with JC,but quite honestly,after making the food,doing the dishes and waiting for JC to finally be ready to eat (he takes forever),I end up not being in the mood for my own food.I'm used to eating my dinner by 6pm,because I've always heard that it's best to eat dinner earlier,whereas JC is used to having his dinner at 8pm or later.That does not work for me!I actually get nightmares if I eat too late.Seriously,it's as if my body is working too hard to process the food and then I can't sleep peacefully.Or something like that.

It is somewhat cooler here today,and there were actually a few small showers of rain,last night and this morning.Nothing to get too excited about,but hopefully tomorrow will bring lots more rain.I love rainy weekends,because that means lots of cuddling!Whether this cuddling is with my boyfriend or my cat,I'm really not too bothered.Either one will do.

My mom and I are getting along SO well these days.I try to go see her every afternoon at lunchtime.We talk and talk and talk,about everything!If there's one good thing that came from my dads' death,it would be that my mom and I now have a much more honest and open relationship.Unfortunately,we are very much alike in personality (except I'm a lot more physically affectionate than she is),so how long this period of peace and serenity will last,is hard to predict.

And then,last,but certainly not least,to all the amazing people who cheered me up through their comments the last couple of guys deserve wings,so I wish I could send you all a can of Red Bull,but you will just have to accept my deepest and most heartfelt thanks.MWAH!!!!!


kel said...

SO, you've got to tell me... what were you reading??

Namine said...

I hope the peace lasts for you.

I am curious to what you are reading too?

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