Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why do long weekends go by so freaking fast?!

Seriously,it sped by at the speed of light.Maybe because I did nothing really intense,and just kind of floated through the weekend.I spent all the days doing one of these:

1.Chatting with my mom and aunt.
2.Playing with Maya.
3.Watching old,bad movies.
5.Doing laundry.Lots of laundry.

Occasionally across the span of the weekend I had a few drinks with friends,but this also happened at my own apartment,so even though I saw people and did a few things,I rarely left the apartment.This makes me want to leave it less and less everyday.If it were up to me,I'd still be lying in bed reading my book and eating mini Cadbury slabs.

I've decided to try and quit drinking Coke.Although I'm already wavering,and it's only been about 19 hours since my last glass of the nectar of the gods.This is going to be harder than I thought.

{Here's a few pictures from the weekend}.
Niece Z and Maya sleeping on my very orange blanket
Maya,passed out after getting some catnip
My future SIL's
Here you can see the aftermath of Maya's spaying last week.It looks horrible,but will hopefully be full of lovely black fur very soon
Maya's next door friend,Cleo,who visited a bit this weekend
Maya,posing like the pretty girl she is
Niece Z,hanging out in front of Grandma J's house
Grandma J's house,with the full moon above.Unfortunately my camera sucks,so a better picture was out of the question
Lulubelle,camouflaging herself,while doing 'the business' (ie.taking a pee)
The resident swallows at my mom's house.They've been nesting on her stoep for years now

I'm pretty sure this week is going to drag along like a mofo,so I hope you all have a good one,that the ones who want cold weather (like me) will get it,and those of you who want some hot weather (crazy people) will also get it.Don't know about you all,but the weather plays a HUGE part in my mood,and this heat is making me very moody.I'm seriously craving some cold weather.

And a big can of Coke.


clorivak said...

Awwww...Maya is such a little doll..heehee I love the passed out photo. Very nice photos!
Wow...thats a nice up close shot of the swallows!!!
It sounds like a relaxing weekend, at least you didn't work..:P

ecotorium said...

Love these pics! It looks so nice where you live!

Awesome Sara said...

these are amazing pics, especially maya, she looks like my black cat micah

Namine said...

I am soo jealous of Maya!!

drollgirl said...

i should quit drinking coke too. boo. but i have one last 12 pack in the fridge that hopefully my boyfriend drinks before i get home. ha!

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