Thursday, May 21, 2009

I need your help!

Ok,I've written before about how I have to plan my sisters' bridal shower/kitchen tea,and the plans for that (the food,invitations,etc) are all on track and everything.

But the real problem is this: after the kitchen tea,us girls are having a makeshift bachelorette party,which I want to make lots of fun for my sister and our friends.The thing is,I have no idea what to do to make it fun.

We're going to be getting together at a friends' house,where us girls will be all alone (the guys are having their own bbq) and I was wondering if you guys had any good 'party' tricks up your sleeves for a laidback bachelorette party (no strippers,unfortunately,since we live in a REALLY small town,and getting one would cost a fortune).

So tell me...what would you guys enjoy doing at a bachelorette party?


creative kerfuffle said...

it really depends on how tame or wild you want to be. tame? have a spa party--maybe you could get a local nail person to come and give everyone manicures or something. one of my friends had a massage party and hired a person to bring her table and everyone got like a 20 min. massage or something. if it's a racy group what about a sex toy party? loud music, shots and sex toys : ) ok, that's my 2 cents : )

Awesome Sara said...

booze. games. sappy movies. funny porn movies.

Adorably Distracted... said...

lol ok ... this is hilarious if its done right. This past weekend I was at a bachelorette party. One of the games was that you took a hot dog, tied a string/ribbon/yarn whatever around it, then you take the rest of it and tie it around your waste, make sure the ribbon is long enough so if you squat the hot dog can touch the ground. Then you take mouse traps, the kind that snap, and set them on the floor... lol the people with the hot dog around their waste have to try and squat over the traps and set them off with the hot dog but the hot dog can't get caught in there or have any chunks missing... it was pretty commical.

Another one... take a bowl filled with cotton balls and a spoon, the cover the person holding the bowl of CB with a town or something. Have someone else hold an empty bowl on their head. The person with the CB then gets a minute to move as many CB to the empty bowl with the spoon. The CB is so weightless they end up having no idea what their doing... it was pretty comical... hope that helps!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Wine! Wine! Wine!

I agree with the first comment...what kinda ladies are we talkin about here? :) Silly movies are good...especially after and the city...dancing around...I could go on. I need more info haha!

Kirsty said...

Is it a bunch of friends, or are there lots of family involved too? Either way, it's always fun to get old photos out and have a trip down memory lane. If I was putting together something I think I'd start things off by making a little powerpoint or something of great photo memories to kick off conversation and nostalgia!

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