Thursday, May 14, 2009

Randomness in pictures

Some random pictures {found at ffffound} that caught my eye today.I have a pair of friends who constantly complain about their place in life and what they are doing,but they never just stop and decide what it is that they truly want,and how they want to get there.Oh no,complaining seems to be too much fun for them
Because let's be honest,I pretty much am all these things...every day
Too cute to eat
I want to live in a caravan by the sea.But more on that in another post
I agree completely with whoever wrote this,and have always wondered who the hell figured out the rules to rock/paper/scissors


creative kerfuffle said...

these are great! all of them : ) i especially love the rock paper scissors thing. i've NEVER understood how paper beats anything either! LOL

Dugout Daisy said...


Awesome Sara said...

i want to live in a caravan by sea too! maybe it will make me feel better.

Namine said...

wow to the last picture

Elizabeth Marie said...

LOVE THESE. Thank you :)

Left a lil somethin somethin for ya on my blog! XO

clorivak said...

Love those quotes...i want to show the 2nd one to my bf..haha..i feel like i can be like that often.

and that is waaaaay too cute to eat, adorable!

La Belette Rouge said...

OH, that first one is so me. But, I am trying to stop complaining so much( see my post today;-).

Betty said...

I love the first quote, because it is what I feel. I am just here where I am and happy being like this. But always comes a time that I wanted to grow, go somewhere else I've never been. I'm not getting younger anymore, and the quest of finding the right man goes more seriously each passing day and wanted to make everything right. - juicy sidekick

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