Tuesday, June 2, 2009


-Ooh,it's cold today!I have my office door closed,and every time I have to go out the door (to the toilet,for instance) a wall of cold air greets me.We don't have a heater in my office,and I don't believe in them either,they always cause me to get ill.

-I have really good news!Our neighbour kitty has been found!I don't know all the details yet,but I'll fill you in once I get the wholes story.

-Everything is coming along really,really well for the kitchen tea on Saturday.The bachelorette?Not so much.I don't really know if the location is going to be right,or how many girls are coming,which makes me a little antsy.Hopefully I will have enough homemade punch to make me not care.

-My mom made bobotie last night,with rice,and it was beyond yummy!She makes it so well,always have,and I really hope to make it someday,although I'm sure mine won't taste nearly as good as hers does.Here's a recipe (not my moms',but a general one) if you want to try it out.It's not for vegetarians unfortunately,sorry.

-Uhm,ok,so I JUST managed to spill my entire cup of coffee over the keyboard of my work PC and 90% of the deskspace I use.I wish I could say that this is the first time this has happened,but in truth,it's more like the 3rd.I'm one step better than last though,the cup didn't fall on the floor and break into hundreds of little pieces this time.

-I'm quite excited,I'm making my spaghetti and egg dish tonight.Hope it turns out as yum as it was on Sunday.

Well,that's about all.Don't want to bore you all to death on a perfectly good Tuesday.


Namine said...

Glad the kitty was found!!

What find of spaghetti and egg dish??

creative kerfuffle said...

first--it cracks me up, you talking about how cold it is : ) i think we got to 90+ degrees F today--the kids have been in the pool. second--so glad that kitty is home. third the picture of the dish? looks YUMMY!

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