Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google this

For the first time since I put Google Analytics on my blog,did I go to check the words/phrases people googled,and mysteriously ended up at my blog.Here is all 53,and some of my thoughts on them:

1. samaire armstrong
2. penny thoughts
3. friendless loser (uhm,is it that obvious!?!)
4. jack signalman
5. james dean
6. "blk sonshine" 2009
7. "braceface" (I might quite possibly be,yes)
8. "braces " "orthodontist" site:blogspot.com
9. "number of sexual partners" (since I hardly ever even mention the word sex,I don't really know how this one happened)
10. "untamed heart" slater
11. 109 degrees fahrenheit
12. 109 fahrenheit
13. a penny for thoughts
14. a penny of thoughts
15. audrey tautou
16. baby you light my fire
17. braces
18. can auburn haired people tan (they can,but they really shouldn't)
19. cause you are the one who thought me you are my fire (right back at you man)
20. come into the light carol-anne (yes,Carol-Anne,come in,it's dark out there)
21. cut my hair short june 2009 (as opposed to cutting it 'long'?)
22. fake fireplace for the bathroom (my ultimate dream)
23. female mom mudwrestlers (because obviously they have to be moms.again,no singles allowed)
24. funeral home worst job (quite obviously)
25. garrett hedlund (yes please!)
26. gymnast yout pussy (I don't even wana know what this person had in mind)
27. honesty (always the best policy)
28. houseswap.ie
29. how to tan naturally
30. i need some candy (I'm female...I always need candy)
31. ibbb
32. is miko hughes a midget (I don't know,ask him)
33. jello wrestling
34. jessica beil without makeup
35. jessica biel
36. large ladyboys pennys (I like'm large,what can I say)
37. lolcats
38. mud wrestling college
39. my thoughts love
40. penny opposition
41. penny sasko
42. persuade him to crossdress (I mean,who wouldn't want to do it?)
43. phrg.for-fan.org
44. s m s s e x (none for me,thanks)
45. sick and tired of everyone having tanned skin (Damn right I am)
46. things that are 109 degrees fahrenheit (Jacob Black *sigh*)
47. thoughts the worst jobs
48. thoughts-pacience
49. tweety
50. unnecessarily jealous (have you been talking to my boyfriend?)
51. worst jobs in the world boring
52. www.houseswap.ie
53. you are my fire 2009 (why thank you!)


drollgirl said...

bah!!! #18 made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Haha your comments made me laugh more than the searches themselves!

Anonymous said...

Funny! What is going through peoples minds when they are searching for things!

Namine said...

What is this program?
I don't get it. Are these the searches people put in and those searches bring up your blog?

Your comments were so funny. I like the hair one!

Awesome Sara said...

LOLOLOL u need to be a standup comedian too!!!

cybeel said...

OMG you're so funny really. Thank you for making me laugh
And the "candy" search proves your sweetness yep ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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