Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

- Although I adore the cold weather,I do not adore my freezing fingers and toes.Nothing can warm them up,and I once heard that you shouldn't just abruptly put your cold digits under warm water.Don't remember why not,but to this day,I don't warm up my fingers by running warm water over them.

- When it's winter,I have this constant craving for warm,doughy (aka fattening) foods like pizza and pies.This does not bode well for my allready ample waist and ass.

- My mom is going away to visit my sister and then my aunt,and I'm going to miss her (and her lunches) a lot!

- I only got my salary on Friday,and I'm already pretty broke,trying to think of ways to not spend money,while not completely locking myself in a dark room,dying of boredom.

- Being a grown up sucks.Big time.


Anonymous said...

Funny pictures!

I got paid last week and basically run out of money. I am trying soooooo hard not to spend it on crap but I just can't help it.

KLo said...

As a teacher, I am paid an annual salary. I made the choice to get my salary broken up into 26 biweekly payments so that I'll be paid during the summer following a very bad experience with spending my summer money in about a week several years ago. Otherwise, I'd be in the same situation by about this time every year : )

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