Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm a killer

So I mentioned yesterday how I'd spilled my afternoon coffee,well,basically all over my desk.This morning,I tried typing a letter to a friend,and realised I couldn't type anything using the following letters - A,U,I,O and P.

I had killed my keyboard with my coffee.I swear to you,there fell no more than like,10 drops of coffee on my keyboard,since all the papers and files lying on my desk seemed to soak most of the stuff up,so how the hell I managed to completely ruin my keyboard,I don't know.But strange stuff like this happens to me.A lot.

Oh well,I got a spiffy new one now!YAY.Next time maybe I should 'spill' some coffee on the monitor,and speakers.Let's see what happens then.


Adorably Distracted... said...

haha that stinks! Oh well! yay for new things!

clorivak said...

I spilt an alcoholic cooler drink on my laptop and it was fried for awhile...sucked. Someone took it apart and fixed it for me but the keys are still a tad sticky.
i'll have to get an external one,as i can't live without tab for much longer.

La Belette Rouge said...

It seems that vowels don't like coffee.;-)

Awesome Sara said...

you are a killer!!! stop drinking by your keyboard. can you get a new one??

as for my couch dilema- the karlstadd is your choice. i just have issues with the legs on that couch. they are just so ugly! i have to re-think that one bc i think it might be to big for my living area. thanks for your help!! it really did help!

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