Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

1.) If you had to either shop for your groceries in your underwear only (bra&panties or boxers/briefs/whatever) or run streaking through the mall totally naked for no less than 4 minutes, which will you pick?

I would have to choose run streaking through the mall totally naked for no less than 4 minutes,because grocery shopping can sometimes take ages,so people have lots of time to scrutinize my imperfections.But if I'm running,and not for that long,people can't see all the body crap I usually hide with clothes.

2.) You're having dinner at the inlaws (your boyfriend/girlfriend's parents if not married) and the food is so awful you would rather eat the table cloth. Your mother in law (bf/gf mother) calls you out and asks if there is anything wrong with the food. You can't say you're "just not that hungry" because you had earlier claimed to be "starving" so now, how do you respond to her?

I would say that my stomach suddenly doesn't feel so well,and run quickly to the bathroom and act as if I'm throwing up.They will either think I'm pregnant or have stomach flu,so whichever way,they won't even care if I'm not eating anymore.

3.) In the middle of foreplay, your partner asks if you want to try something new. You ask what it is. They want to stick some kind of frozen fruit or vegetable up your anus. How open to trying this are you?

Uhm,not at all!I am not a fridge,I am not a juicer,so there is no discernable reason for any fruit or vegetable to be inside me.

4.) Would you rather have to walk 30 feet over burning hot coals or walk 70 feet over broken shards of glass? Why?

30 Feet over burning hot coals.I just imagine that the glass would hurt more for some reason.If you walk fast enough over the hot coals,they won't burn you so badly,whereas the faster you try to go over the shards of glass,the more you will cut yourself,so it will also take longer.

5.) Would you rather have to have sex with your partner with a room full of your former highschool classmates watching or have sex with your partener in a room full with a mix of each of your former exes watching?

A room full with a mix of each of our former exes.What the hell,hey?They've already been there,done that,so it shouldn't be too shocking for them.And that way I can show off what my exes are missing,and show the bitches (my bf's exes) what they will never again have.Perfect.

{Questions courtesy of Wednesday Weirdness}


Adorably Distracted... said...

perfect answer on the last question! For number one there is no way i could run around naked... i'd like to think of the undies as a bathing suit :-)

Awesome Sara said...

that is a great answer about the gross food!! i am so using that and the frozen food. way to be adventerous!

cybeel said...

Ahhaaa haaa girl you make me laugh. Your answers are so funny :)esp the "fridge and juicer" part LOL

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