Thursday, August 6, 2009


I struck it lucky yesterday.My boss got someone else to fill in for my absent work colleague,and I am therefor back at my post.Which is totally awesome,since I've been having some Internet withdrawal symptoms.

Unfortunately,the past 2 weeks have not been good.Money problems,extra work (another of my colleagues is now only working half day,so I have to fill in the rest of the day,as well as do my own work),and just basically feeling crappy,have all made me realise that I am not at all in the mood to start blogging again.Because,like a lot of other bloggers say,I don't want to be this totally negative,moody,irritating source of reading material.I want to be uplifting and fun,but I really don't feel that way at all.And to be honest,I don't know when I will feel better (maybe when the financial crap is sorted out.

Either way,I have decided to stop blogging,and just enjoy your blogs.Your adventures and often inspiring words help me feel better about myself,and hopefully,sometime very soon,I will feel like doing the same.

I will still comment every now and then (when the new busier work schedule allows) and will definitely keep on enjoying all your amazing blogs!



Anonymous said...

Hi and goodbye!

Its a shame you are stopping but hope you come back soon.

LiLu said...

As long as I still see your pretty face every now and then, I'm okay with that. Hope the financial crap works out soon! xo

creative kerfuffle said...

i'm sending some positive thoughts your way. i totally understand what you're saying, blogging slumps and bad times hit us all, but don't say you won't ever blog again! i'd miss you. and, sometimes letting it out in the blog helps. keep in touch! oxox

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i hope you start feeling better soon, and that your situation improves. it hasn't been the same without you. :(

Namine said...

that sucks. will miss you, I hope things work out. always here if you can chat

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so very sorry.:-( I really will miss you. I do hope you change your mind as you will be missed.
Huge hugs!!!xoxo

cybeel said...

We all have ups and downs sometimes. Just like you my recent weeks weren't so nice and i've been feeling down.
But i feel relaxed when i write about the things make me anrgy, sad or whatever and my precious blogger friends by their comments make me see thqse situations in a fuuny way and make me smile :)
You are such a beautiful, funny and inspiring lady and i hope whatever makes you feel bad will soon be dissapeared
And we'll be reading your blog making us smile all the time...

UNTIL THEN, take care of yourself
We'll miss you

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