Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeling bland on Friday

It's nearly lunch time on a Friday,and I'm not even excited that its nearly weekend.I'm always excited for the weekends,even if we don't have anything planned.Not today.I guess I'm starting to feel the funk that a lot of the bloggers I follow have been writing about.I had so hoped it would skip me,but I've never been very lucky,and sure as I'm sitting here,the funk has got me.And unfortunately its not the fun 70's music style I'm talking about.

Firstly,I'm really,really missing my best friend.We chatted again on Facebook this morning,and everytime we talk about when we can maybe get together and see each other again,we end up realising neither one of us has any money for a long trip,and she just started her new job,so she can't take leave yet,and also,she and her boyfriend are still living with other people,so we can't stay with them if we want to visit.And I definitely don't have money to stay in a hotel or something.They happen to live in a very sought after little seaside town,so accommodation is very expensive.

Like I said,I'm completely broke right now,and can therefor not buy any groceries,so the cupboards at home are so empty right now,and it's kind of an attack on my soul having to prepare the same meal every night,because there are only the same 3 or 4 ingredients in the house.I'm not a good cook to begin with,but when your ingredient options are so extremely limited,it makes cooking even more difficult.

JC isn't in a very good mood these days.And like always,he clams up and refuses to talk about whatever is bothering him.But to be quite honest,I'm not even in the mood to try and drag it out of him,because I have my own depressing thoughts to occupy my time,and don't even feel like helping him solve whatever problem he has.What does piss me off though,is that when he is in this type of bad mood,he completely cuts off all physical contact with me.So no real kissing or hand holding or sleeping all snuggled up.That is what really gets me.

I keep thinking about the money we owe,and how we're going to pay it all back and how long it's going to take,and it makes me so sad,because at the rate we are going,we'll only be paid off in 3 years,and then we can only start saving for getting married.It's times like this that I think Brangelina has the right idea,and I just feel like SCREW IT,I refuse to get married,I'm just going to go on like I am right now.

There are some more stuff bothering me,but I don't think it would be wise to write about it,because I'm depressed enough as it is.

I seriously need to get drunk,like pronto!Why is alcohol so freaking expensive?And why can't I get my salary in the half of the month?Why do I have to wait til the very end for it?Life is soooo unfair.



drollgirl said...

debt and money woes are just so stressful! i hope you feel better soon. sometimes a cocktail or two and a good cry help. hang in there, and i hope you manage to have a good weekend.

p.s. maybe your boss can give you a small advance on your paycheck? maybe? hopefully?

creative kerfuffle said...

i thought it was just me, but you're right. there is a funk going on in blog land--different funks for different people, but still funks. and money funks? hells bells the hubs and i have been there totally done that and all i can say is it's like surviving a freaking war.

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