Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Secret 'Top Gear' Fetish

I blame my brother for this.He absolutely loves this British show,and he always,when he comes to visit,makes me sit with him to watch back-to-back episodes of it.Even my mom has gotten into 'Top Gear' in a major way.There's a new show (and sometimes repeats) on everyday,so she is never short of her fix.Now that I don't have satellite tv anymore,I haven't seen it in a while,and I have to be honest.I am having serious withdrawalls.

I will giving you the following reasons to make it clear to you why me being addicted to 'Top Gear' is so completely ridiculous:

1.I don't drive and don't have a licence.
2.Even though I work at a car dealership,I don't even know all the vehicles we sell.
3.I don't know anything about the function of a car,or what any of the little knobby things on the dashboard does.The only dashboard I use is the one on
4.Finally,I hardly know any brand of cars.I know Ford,Mazda,Toyota,BMW,Mercedes Benz,all the big ones,and only by their little logos.And I don't know which ones are good or bad,because to me,they are basically all the same.

So yeah,my love for this show is a bit strange,but I think what makes it so utterly entertaining to watch,is the three presenters.Jeremy Clarkson,James May and Richard Hammond.They are like car obsessed little boys,with great comedic chops to boot.

Do yourself a favor,and check out this show,it really isn't just for car fanatics.It's also a hell of a good laugh!


saratogajean said...

Ok, I was with you until I realized "Top Gear" was not "Top Gun."

drollgirl said...

sadly i do not think this show is on tv in the us. maybe i can rent a dvd of it if it is available. tbc!

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