Monday, February 2, 2009

My little Maya

Maya playing with Ludwig

Maya sleeping soundly

Maya climbing her first tree

Maya's mom

Maya sleeping with her little yellow mouse

Along with baby Ludwig,we had to entertain our 'baby',Maya,who is getting bigger by the week.She's starting to look like a little panther (or so I think) with her hair smoothing out a lot more now.She used to look like she had stuck her paw into a electric socket or something.

She climbed her very first tree on Saturday night,and couldn't get enough of it.Also,she loved having Ludwig at our place,and circled him the whole time,and as soon as he went to sleep,so did she.She played with him as well,but instinctively knew to be gentle with this small human,and she didn't scratch or bite him at all (which she wouldv'e done with me or JC,because she loves to play rough).Ludwig also thought this little black thingy was very entertaining,and he laughed himself silly at her.

Very adorable.


Henry the Dog said...

Hey, I'm a dog, but even I have to say that is one cute kitten. And a cute little human pup too. Mum's going "Aaaahhh" (at the kitten not the pup):)

La Belette Rouge said...

She does look like a Panther.Great pictures and gorgeous baby. My fav picture is of Maya sleeping.
Thanks for the tag. I couldn't find it here on your blog. Let me know if I have somehow missed it.

Kirie said...

Maya is precious!

Sofi said...

Hi, thank you soo much for all your kind words on my blog :) My birthday's tomorrow, third of feb, and belive me, if I could jump on a plane and fly down to south africa I would, haha, I miss the sun, England is every bit as grey as thay say :P

creative kerfuffle said...

two of my fave things--babies and kitties. maya is sooooo cute and mama is gorgeous!

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