Monday, February 2, 2009

A very wet weekend

Nothing too extraordinary happened this weekend.Well,except that our bedroom got flooded.I was so shocked,I didn't even get my camera to take a few pictures.

The problem is that JC and I are kind still getting used to the new washing machine and its little quirks.This time,the pipe where the water comes out,slipped out of the sink and thus led to a water-filled bedroom (our apartment is so small,the washing machine has to be in our bedroom - how romantic).

JC obviously wasn't impressed at having to conduct such a major cleanup on a Sunday morning,but since it has been very hot lately,it all dried out pretty quickly,and by this morning,most of the water was gone.

On a nicer note,my sister and nephew are in town,and I am absolutely loving having them here.Ludwig is the most adorable boy,and is always smiling,and posing for the camera.Just my kind of boy.

Other than babysitting Ludwig so my sis could get a bit of much needed sleep,we just made a lot of food,and stayed indoors watching movies,because it was scorching outside.The old school aircon we have in our apartment was working overtime yesterday,poor thing.

The weather forecast showed temperatures of in the 40 degrees celsius for the whole week.

Yay!Can't wait,because I absolutely love feeling like a boiled (and thus sweaty) piece of meat.Very sexy.

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creative kerfuffle said...

i HATE heat and sweating! ugh. here in north carolina it's raining and cold. i love all the seasons but am sooo very ready for spring.

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